About Us

  • Mission

    The purpose the EAGLES Home Educators shall be to further the interests of home education, and by all lawful means and according to the 501C3 requirements, to help inform and support parents who choose to educate their children at home. Although we have no statement of faith, more than 90% of our members are Christian and we will have no tolerance for violence of destructive behavior by our members or by their children.

    E.A.G.L.E.S. (Educating as God Leads and Enjoying School) Home Educators is a multi-county home school group based in Barrow County. We are an academic based group with the intention of offering extra-curricular academic activities to homeschoolers in our area. It is our desire to offer activities for the home school community that would not otherwise be available in only the family home or a smaller group setting.

     2011-2012 Board

    Director – Sandra Coughlin

    Elem. Director – Silvia Melugin

    Secretary – Shonda Acton

    Treasurer – Tricia Gallagher

    Communications/ Science – Donna Brown

    Extended leadership -Age Group Facilitators

    Mary Beth Groves – PreK – 5th

    Beth Prat – 6th-8th,

    High School Graduation Coordinators – Open

    Box tops and Campbells Labels – Shonda Acton

    General Information

    All our announcements are sent out through the Eagles_Announcement yahoo group. Please request to join this group to make sure you are receiving all the current news from Eagles. You can also elect to receive all blog post via email from this site or check our Facebook or Twitter pages for updates.

    To Join:

    The fee for joining Eagles is $20 a year.  This money helps provide a location for us to meet, website upkeep, paper products etc. some free (or very low cost)yearly activities.

    Please fill out this form http://www.eagleshsgroup.com/files/EaglesRegistrationForm.pdf and email it to Eagles@eagleshsgroup.com or contact us for a mailing address.  Please include the $20 fee.  You can also pay via paypal – to eagles@eagleshsgroup.com


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