• Annual Homeschool Book Sale – Friday, May 16th

    Posted on May 14, 2014 by in Events


    EAGLES will be having their annual used book sale again this year, Friday, May 16 at Hamilton Mill United Methodist Church 1450 Pine Rd. Dacula GA, 11-2:00 is the general public sale.  The sale is in the back modular – The Shed.  Enter through the doors on the right by the Pantry and exit is at the opposite end by the Shed.

     Buyer information: We will  have books laid out by grade level and elective tables.  You will be able to make one payment for all purchases. Cash is preferred but we will take checks (We do have paypal but please use as a last resort.) Over the years our participation does vary but 3 or so of the main sellers have TONS of books all ages, so there is a large variety of items at this sale. If you would like to help work the sale you can participate in the pre-sale. The church does have a preschool so for the safety of their students please have your children with you at all times.  Preschool carpool is at 12:30 so please try to avoid the carpool line and if you are parked by the door around this time you will not be able to get out, so park up a level.
    Seller information: Set up of books will begin at 8:00AM – 10.  Please note the church has a preschool so you will need to arrive before 8:45 or after 9:15 to get parking by the door to unload. DO NOT INTEFERE WITH PRESCHOOL CARPOOL LINE! You will need to help with laying out your books.  You may use whatever marking system you have for other book sales. We do however need grade and subject matter on the book and your information, preferably include a phone number. EAGLES will collect a 15% fee on your sales total if your sales are over $25. (EX: $100 in sales EAGLES keeps $15 and you will be give them remaining $85.)  You will need to leave us a standard self addressed STAMPED envelope in which we will mail you your proceeds from the sale within about 5 days.  Seller assumes all responsibility for left items, not EAGLES or HMUMC.  We do our best to regulate the door and check and double check sales, but mistakes and misplaced items do happen. A seller pre-sale will take place at 10AM until the general sale starts at 11.  Book pickup will be 2-3PM. Any items left will be taken to Goodwill within 5 days.
    Sellers please let me know that you intend to sell with an email to eagleshs@gmail.com please include name phone number and approx. number of books (general terms are fine and welcome to increase!) I just want to ensure I have enough tables laid out.
    I look forward to seeing you all there.
    Sandra Coughlin
    Director EAGLES Home Educators