• A Look Back at the SciOly Competitive Season 2014

    Posted on April 25, 2014 by in Science Olympiad


    We are finally finished with the 2014 SciOly Season!  Eagles had 3 teams this year and all did exceedingly well!

    Our elementary team brought back several metals from regional competition and tons of ribbons!! They came in 7th place overall.  They worked hard this year and will go down in Eagles history as our first ever elementary aged team. They were just amazing because not only were they a very small team (a team can have up to 20 members – ours had 8!) but 1/2 of them were not even 3rd graders yet! (normally an elementary team is 3rd -6th graders)  I am sure they got the vote for the cutest team 🙂


    Our Middle School team had an excellent year.  Our 9 student team (a normal team is 15 students) came in 2nd place at regional and 7th place in the STATE! These guys were practically drowning in metals this year.


    Regional Conpetition


    2nd Place regional trophy


    Look at those metals from STATE!

    Keeping with the trend our high school team also had a good year!  They placed 7th at regional.  They also had a smaller than normal team (12 students.)  Look at all those metals!!


    It’s been a great year!  Looking forward to seeing what next year brings.