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    When I was a freshman in college taking History 101 I realized something quite embarrassing.  I realized I had no clue about where countries were on the map. I came to this startling realization when the professor was teaching about ancient Egypt and I had an EUREKA moment!  (incidentally – The exclamation ‘Eureka!’ is famously attributed to the ancient Greek scholar Archimedes. He reportedly proclaimed “Eureka!” when he stepped into a bath and noticed that the water level rose—he suddenly understood that the volume of water displaced must be equal to the volume of the part of his body he had submerged. – Ok lesson over…) My eureka moment was that Egypt is in Africa! How did I manage to get through 12 years of school without understanding that important piece of information?  (and incidentally I was a good student  who did care and generally made good grades.)  I am sure it was taught.  It just never “connected.”  History and geography were taught in bits and pieces.  I was taught history before I had a good understanding where to “hang” that history.  (In fact, I am not sure I ever did.)  History was all out of order and it was hard to understand the chronological order of it all. Tests were multiple guess and I learned and forgot material as fast as the teachers taught it.   

    So, fast forward to when I started homeschooling my oldest.  I knew it was important to me to start with geography early! I researched several different “approaches” and decided on the Montessori approach to geography.  The focus is learning the continents and landforms at an early age.  I love that the continents are color coded and the material is hands on.  Here are 2 great links to get you started with Montessori geography materials for free.   Free Montessori World Map     How to Make a Montessori Felt world Map  (You can start this with 3 year olds)

    As my children got older I looked for other resources.  I loved using A Child’s Geography: Explore His Earth.  Since that time there have been 2 additional books written  — A Childs Geography: Explore the Holy Land and A Childs Geography: Explore the Classical World .  These resources are from Knowledge Quest.  And the great news??  Right now the once a year ebook sale is going on!

    Would you believe that we hold an ebook sale only once a year?  Sure, we run many specials on our print books all throughout the year, but our ebook prices remain constant through it all – primarily because they are already slightly discounted from their printed counterparts.  BUT after the financial melt-down that occurred exactly five years ago, we decided to have our first ever ebook sale that September.  So, here we are, five years later, and now it’s an annual tradition! September is a great time to drastically reduce the prices on all of our ebooks once again – yes, a full 50% off – so that you can get the best deals of the year right now when you need it the most!
    Included in this sale is Map Trek, Time Trek, Expedition Earth, A Child’s Geography, What Really Happened, Wonders of Old and more…

    This ebook sale will ONLY last through Friday, September 27!

    Click here for the ebook sale.  Make sure you check out all the resources Knowledge Quest sells. They have some of the BEST blackline maps available.  Click here for a free sample of Blackline World Maps.

    This news article from 2006 and the below video show us how little the average student knows about geography. 

    Geography is important.  Understanding our world both past and present depend on the knowledge of where different countries are in our world.  Geography is not only a prerequisite to understanding history but also world politics, cultures and even climate.

    So, start  geography early and make it an important part of your homeschool curriculum.  Play games with your children, complete puzzle maps and find places on the map when you hear about them in the news. The building blocks of geography provide a solid base for many years of history & economics. 

    Additional suggested curriculum:

     (example from the below curriculum)


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