• Discovery Education {Free}

    Posted on October 22, 2013 by in Homeschooling 101

    Did you know that in the State of Georgia homeschoolers get access to Discovery Education for FREE?  GPB pays for and licenses the Discovery Education library on behalf of all Georgia teachers, including those at public, private and charter schools and home school families.  This gives you access to THOUSANDS of streaming videos for Science, History, Foreign Language etc.!  It is an amazing resource for homeschool families.

    In order to sign up you will need to contact Georgia Public Broadcasting. Here is an example of what information to send:

    Dear Ms. Pasley,

    I am requesting a passcode access to Discovery Education.  I am a homeschooling parent in the state of Georgia.

     I have attached a copy of this years Homeschool Intent.

    Name:  XXXXXXXX

    Address:  XXXXXXX

    Phone:  XXXXXXX

    Thank you for providing this wonderful resource.



    Email this information (With the current years Intent attached ) to: Jascenda Pasley  jpasley@GPB.org