• The Workbox System

    Posted on August 28, 2013 by in Homeschooling 101


    Do you have friends who use workboxes in their homeschool?  Maybe you have seen workbox pins on Pinterest and wondered what they were all about?

    The Workbox system encourages student self motivation allowing for independence of self- directed learning.  The concept was created by Sue Patrick. It is basically a system for organizing ANY homeschool curriculum.  Therefore, it’s not a method of homeschooling – but a system to make everything easier and smoother.

    The benefits of this Specialized and Structured TeachingSM will be realized from the first day.  Most home schoolers marvel at the positive changes in their school day immediately.  While this system is so simple to implement, and simple to set up for school each day, the structure creates a perfect learning environment for both individual students, and the entire home school family.

    Everyone in your home school will always know what is expected of them, how much work there is to be done, and when their work is completed.  Interruptions are much easier to deal with.  Whenever anyone stops, it is immediately evident where they are and what they should be doing in their school day.  The same is true for you, as the teacher, setting up school and teaching throughout the day.  Interruptions and distractions will no longer be the problem they once were.” ~ Sue Patrick’s Workbox System

    There are TONS of videos on YouTube about the Workbox System.

    This website has a lot of great information to get your started using this organizational method.

    Amazon sells a book written by Sue Patrick that is designed to help you implement the workbox system in your homeschool.  Also make sure you check out our workbox board on Pinterest!