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    Are you still trying to figure out how to plan your school year?  Are you looking for something low cost or even free?  Well, there are tons of resources on the internet to use.  What’s really awesome is when someone has taken the time to organize all those resources into grade levels with planned out days & the work is already done for you. Easy Peasy – All in One Homeschool has done just that – for free!!  A whole year of school work is planned for all grades k-12!   You will want to check this site out.  Below is information quoted directly from the site.

    This school is good for anyone who needs/wants to save money or time. As for money, the curriculum is free. The materials are online and free. You will need to purchase paper, etc., but it requires no books or major supplies.

    Your children will need access to a computer and the internet and to you! The children are often instructed to tell a parent or older sibling about what they just read. Be available or assign an older child to be available. Occasionally they may come to you and say they earned a high five or a hug. Please oblige! About once a week the kids also get a little something extra, just for fun, tucked into their school day.

    This school is intended to be college preparatory. They will read challenging books and will always be reading something. Most of the books are chosen from the Robinson and Ambleside curricula. You can read the book lists and specific course descriptions on the individual course pages.

    I have sought to make this curriculum comprehensive, but not intensive. The lessons are short, intended to keep the school day short. At one point I had three children doing school on one computer and they were able to take turns and finish before dinner without a problem. Also, children in the same age bracket (first through fourth -L- and fifth through eighth -M-) can work at the same time on half of their school day. My children spend their extra time reading, writing, exploring, experimenting, programming, drawing, creating, working, doing chores, helping others, etc. and PLAYING!

    This is a Christian curriculum. Not everything is overtly Christian, but I do point to the Bible from time to time in literature, science, history, etc. and seek to promote a biblical worldview. I also believe in a literal six day creation. I do choose to use materials that talk about millions of years because it is what’s available, and it’s useful for our children to know what’s taught out there so they can be intelligent in a response to it. I do address it to varying degrees when it comes up.

    The school year lasts 180 days because that is my state’s requirement. Beyond that I believe children should continue schooling the rest of the year with reading, experimenting, exploring their interests and passions and the world.”  ~ Easy Peasy – All in One Homeschool

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  1. Julia young says:

    My only concern is my son can read at a third grade level ( although he doesn’t like to) and does not retain what he reads. Now what?