• Competitive Speech and Debate

    Posted on August 15, 2013 by in Speech & Debate


    EAGLES Home Educators is entering our 5th year with a speech and debate competition team.  This is for people who wish to compete ONLY. You must commit to at least one competition. Competitions do involve a serious time and financial commitment (fundraising is available in our team). If you would just like instruction in Speech and/or Debate then I encourage you to sign up for my classes at Summit Academy Dacula which do still have space.

    EAGLES registration $20 year EAGLES Speaks registration $35 year

    NCFCA/Stoa registrations are additional $ through national organizations in order to compete.

    Our team will meet every other week in the fall, beginning August 27th. (2nd and 4th Tuesdays) We meet at Church at Winder just off 316 in Bethlehem. You can for the most part pick what events you’d like to participate in (see below) you don’t have to do all events.

    The daily schedule will be as follows.
    9-10:30 debate
    10:30-11:30 extemp/current events class
    11:30-12:30 impromptu/speech
    12:30-1:30 lunch (2nd Tues will be GenJ in this time slot)
    1:30-2:30 interp (may change later in year to 1 1/2 hours)
    2:30-3:30 apologetics (will adjust accordingly)

    Students in all events, with the exception of interp, MUST attend impromptu speech in addition to their area of competition.

    Debate will have beginner, intermediate(those that have a year or went to camp) and advanced tracks (you will also have to help teach beginner). However we currently only have LD debate. And we are primarily working on the NCFCA resolution. However we have some students who competed last year working on transferring their cases to the Stoa resolution but the local Atlanta Stoa tournament only has TP not LD offered.

    Extemp schedule is as follows:

    Aug 27 – Bias in news and geography

    Sept. 10- Economics

    Sept. 24 – US Gov’t

    Oct. 8 – Comparative Gov’t

    Oct. 22 – European History

    Nov. 12 – Middle Eastern History/World Religions

    Nov 26? – Current Events – Health, Environment

    Dec. 10 – General News and Box compilation

    Speech – we’ll start with rules and impromptu but speeches need to be started and presented by Sept 10 for first feedback. They will then be taken apart and re-presented Oct. 8.  Donna will present a Illustrated Oratory class in Oct. for those in that category, on forming boards etc. and work out a design plan for putting together boards during Nov.

    Interp students will need to have a book choice and rough cut no later than the end of Sept. Those taking multiple pieces need all pieces chosen and cut by last Oct. class.

    Apologetics will take the 100 questions (available at NCFCA.org) and discuss overreaching topics to help students develop their INDEPENDENT competition boxes.

    Tentative competition information

    F-series debate tournaments (Practice debate tournaments) – 1st Friday Oct., Nov, Dec. in Fayetteville.

    F-Series debate and speech in Easley, SC – Oct. 19 and Nov. 23

    MAS – Stoa tournament in Atlanta Nov. 15-16 Speeches are usually only 3-8pm each day (This is a very easy good beginner tournament and excellent for feedback towards the biggies)

    NCFCA tournaments are held Jan- April in NC (national open), Florida, Atlanta and SC(regional qualifiers) – dates TBD

    March 28-29 the other Atlanta STOA competition