• Using Pinterest to help with Homeschooling

    Posted on August 19, 2013 by in Homeschooling 101

    Last week I posted that Eagles now is on Pinterest.  http://pinterest.com/eagleshs/boards/  Today, I want to share with you the reasons why Pinterest is helpful to the homeschool family.

    For those of you who haven’t jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon yet I will begin with a short explanation as to what Pinterest is.  Lets use the example of teaching a child about fractions.  Your child just isn’t “getting it.”  You have been over the pages in the curriculum and his little eyes just glaze over.  (and yours are beginning to!!  The first time was painful enough!) You know there has to be a better way to explain it to him.  Something fun.  So, you google “fraction fun.”  The first few links are computer games – not what you had in mind.  The fifth link looks promising.  You click.  Holy overwhelming Bathman!!  Yes, there are activities here.  It will take days to wade through them all, though.  You were hoping to find a creative idea QUICKLY…  You notice a few links down there is a link to Pinterest.  Humm…. you click.  Wow.. pictures that show all sorts of activities!


    There is a basketball game activity that looks interesting.  You click on the photo and you are taken to a blog that explains the activity.  You also see that you can purchase the activity for $3.50 for TPT.  It looks awesome – but you were hoping for FREE .  You figure you can modify the game to use with your son without having to purchase the files.  You click back to Pinterest. You notice the last picture on the page – Food fractions!  That sounds fun. Clicking through to that site you find several ideas that would be easy to use in the kitchen.  Back at Pinterest you also see ideas for using M&M’s and Hershey Bars to teach fraction.   What a great excuse to buy some chocolate you think……. (hehe)  How easy was that?  Several great ideas in only a few minutes and you were only looking at ONE BOARD! (Think of one single file folder in a huge warehouse of thousands of filing cabinets that belong to different people with each filing things of interest to them. )

    You didn’t even do a search on Pinterest.  Using the full power of Pinterest you search for “Fraction Fun.”  (There is a search box in the upper left corner)  Hundreds of ideas!!  All with pictures so you can “see” the activities. You see several things you want to remember so you “pin” them.  (You have to join first – but it’s free and easy!)

    To pin you hover over the upper left of the picture and the pinit button shows up. pinit You click, chose a board (you can set up your own – Math, Fractions, etc.) and it is now saved!  Next time you log in you can go to your board and see your pins.  So easy… and so addicting… (sigh)

    So, you can easily see how helpful using Pintrest can be.  Eagles has a Pinterest page and we would love you to follow us!   On our Math board I just pinned about 50 great fraction activities.